My Vision

To bring together evidence-based science and technology from food science, food technology, nutrition and medicine to allow the very best decisions to be made for good health , whilst optimising food business success.

Few individuals work in a cross-disciplinary way.  I pride myself on being able to do this by understanding the process and interplay of food manufacturing, consumer expectations, business opportunities and the contribution individual food ingredients can make to good health.

My Story

Ever since my very first science lesson at school, I have been engaged with food science and nutrition topics

Sponsored as an Undergraduate

When it came to university choices there was no doubt in my mind that I wanted to study Food Technology and I was very pleased to be sponsored by United Biscuits to do so at the University of Reading.

PhD Food Technology

The University of Reading offered me a PhD which quenched my thirst for a deeper understanding of Food Science and Technology. I studied the chemical, organoleptic and nutritional aspects of iron/carbohydrate interaction.

My keen interest in research and application development has never left me and I continue to enjoy the process, especially when it results in the development of healthier food products.


Let me help you to make informed decisions from evidence-based research enabling you to achieve positive results for your business.

I am really looking forward to hearing from you to start the process.

Next Steps…Please feel free to contact me directly and I will be happy to discuss projects and provide quotations for work based on your own particular requirements.


How to contact me