Healthy Eating Messages For Children Through Character-driven Stories

Getting healthy eating messages across to children so that they can enjoy food and good health into adulthood is a difficult task.  One of the best ways with young children is through character-driven stories.

One third of children aged between 2-15 years in the UK are either overweight or obese and so it is clear that an awful lot more needs to be done to improve the communication of important nutrition messages to young people. Children respond well to character-driven stories and stories with a meaning or moral.  The proof of this is the popularity of fables from Aesop which are still read by children and their families today. Since the beginning of time adults have used fables and stories to educate children and to teach important lessons.

Character-driven stories can convey simple healthy living and eating messages when drafted and illustrated in the right way. Stories that convey important messages such as not eating too much but just enough to stay healthy or  eating colourful fruits and vegetables or simply drinking water rather than sugar-filled drinks, can all be conveyed in short stories. When all the stories cover nutritional recommendations supported by the Department of Health through the Eatwell Guide then you know that the healthy eating messages are re-inforced by the latest evidence-led science and expert opinion.

Story ideas and story copy can come to life with characters that appeal to children.  The mother and son team of Dr Helen Mitchell and George Brierley can make this happen by applying  35 years of PhD food technology experience in health and nutrition with BAFTA nominated character artistry and design to provide educational, healthy eating stories for children .  Follow the adventures of The Eatwell Punks (copyright 2016) by following this link and remember:

Eat just enough you’ll feel yumbumbiddly!

Eat too much you’ll feel yuksplucksickly!

(copyright 2016)